Anyone who doubts the Shield split hasn’t seen Dean’s promos or heard the crowd’s reactions to him. Team Lunatic Fringe


Every WWE fan’s current mood: 400% done with Kane.

My URL has changed and it’s not going anywhere for a while.

Just when I start reading Nightwing it ends, wtf.

Then again I absolutely love Graves era Misfits and don’t care who knows it.

"I thought the Misfits was a clothing brand." ~ Worst Person Ever


what you miss out when you dont have me on snapchat

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new louis ck comedy show new funny 1 hour run time

louis ck: i masterbate
louis ck: i eat
louis ck: a lot
louis ck: i am sad
louis ck: FUCK

My tattoos, the Keywork and the Lantern Corps. No Blue Lantern on the Corps tattoo, I plan on getting a bigger Blue Lantern piece soon.